"The reactor is unstable. Control the repair magnet and correctly place each orb back on its proper containment cell!"

As the mechanic, to successfully repair the level, each orb must be placed on their proper pedestal. Be careful as each level has a time limit! Beat as many levels as you can before time runs out and get a new high score!

Pick Up/Place Orb: Space

Swap Direction: Z

This game was made for the TOJAM 2022: All Twogether Now to the theme of "That Shouldn't Be Here".

Developed by Rubber Ducks:

Daniel MacCormick, Alain Sangalang, Kody Wood, Bo Yu

Mechanical keyboard press - Pressing a key https://www.fesliyanstudios.com/play-mp3/641

BGM1 - Chee Zee Lab

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